3D printed Raspberry Pi NES Mini makes official Nintendo NES Classic Edition look ridiculous

One of the hardest fails of Nintendo’s mini NES Classic Edition is that it only includes 30 games and you can not download any more to its library, nor can cartridges be used. A few months ago, YouTube user Daftmike build a 3D printed Raspberry Pi NES Mini that runs video games on 3D printed cartridges with NFC technology. The result is a slap for Nintendo and its current NES Classic Edition console. Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about the Amazon Go automated store

Amazon has left the world speechless with the announcement of their new Amazon Go automated store. The proposal is wonderful, even if at first glance looks simple, in the backgroud Amazon had to play with advanced image recognition technology and build an app to come up with this futuristic store concept that promises people a totally line-free experience to buy their products. Continue Reading