A 12yrs old boy is working on his own expanded version of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Could be a child the one who demonstrates that the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is wrong or incomplete? Jacob Barnett, a 12yrs old boy in Hamilton County, Indiana, thinks he could. At his young age is a mathematical genius with an IQ of 170 (from130 it is considered that a person is gifted).

Jacob is working on his own expanded version of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. His mother has recorded a video in which Jacob raises some of his questions about the Einstein’s equations, and she sent it to the experts of the renowned Institute for Advanced Study near Princeton University.


Later, the professor of astrophysics, Scott Tremaine, an expert on the subject, confirmed the authenticity of Jacob’s theory. In an email sent to the family, Tremaine wrote: “I am impressed by his interest in physics and the amount of knowledge he has learned so far. The theory that he is working involves some of the deepest problems in astrophysics and theoretical physics. Anyone who solves this will be in line to win a Nobel Prize.”

Jacob was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome (mental and behavioral disorder that ispart of autistic spectrum disorders) at an early age. His parents were worried when they noticed Jacob started talking at his 2 years old.  They only realized that their son had a special gift after he started to grow.

By the age of 3, Jacob was solving 5000-piece puzzles. Then, by the age of 8, he left high school and was attending to advanced astrophysics classes at the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Jacob even helps his classmates (18yrs older than him). You can see him explaining calculus 2, integration by parts, as if he were talking about any video game with another child.


Albert Einstein was about 26 when he first published his Theory of Relativity. So, you could say that Jacob has a few years ahead to exploit and make his own theory.

Many aspects of Jacob’s life are according to his age, for example he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and playing video games (Halo: Reach his favorite), he plays piano classicals by memory, and enjoys watching the Disney Channel shows and science fiction films. He seems to have a great balance in his life at the moment, good job Jacob! Hopefully, one day we’ll receive the good news that his theory is ready to be published.

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