Download your movies or series and watch them later offline on Netflix


Now Netflix users worldwide are able to download their favorite movies and series at no extra cost to their smartphone or tablet to play them offline later.

This was a feature that many users were waiting for, because we are not always at home to enjoy Netflix, sometimes we want to watch our favorite series and movies while we are on a plane or in places where internet connection is too expensive or limited .


Now by just clicking the download button on the details page of the movie or series you can play it later offline.

Para comenzar a descargar tus series y películas, sólo asegúrate de actualizar tu aplicación de Netflix a la versión más reciente. A continuación puedes encontrar los enlaces de descarga de Netflix para iOS y Android:

Netflix has announced in their official blog that this new feature is included in all plans and is available for all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

To start downloading your series and movies, just be sure to update your Netflix app to the latest version. Below you can find Netflix download links for Android and iOS:

Netflix for Android

Netflix for iOS

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