GoPro finally presents the ultraportable “Karma” drone


Karma is a complete ultra-portable system to capture the best videos from the air developed by GoPro. This new drone comes equipped with GPS technology that allows you to locate the point of return and a 3-axis gimbal that can be used for aerial shots from the drone or manually.


Karma drone has a flight time of 20 minutes (per battery full charge – 1 hour charging), it reserves the last four minutes to return to the landing point. This is probably the weak side of the best currently drones in the market, a very short flight time, forcing user to buy several batteries. The cost of each Karma battery is about $100.


You can acquire the Karma drone  from October 23 and it will cost $799 just the drone, $1099 with a GoPro Hero5 Black; and $999 with a GoPro Hero5 Session.


The plus point of the Karma drone is its portability. It includes a remote control with display and a small bag in which you can accommodate all the equipment.


Karma drone can fly with a camera GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session or Hero 4 In the front attached to 3-axis gimbal that allows to capture fluid and smooth videos. The gimbal can be released and used in manually ground.


The biggest difference between the GoPro cameras is about the resolution capability offered by each model among other specifications:

  • Hero5 Black 4K30 / 1440P80 / 1080P120
  • Hero5 Session 4K30 /1440P60 / 1080P90
  • Hero Session 1440P30 / 1080P60

To review the other specifications of these models you can visit the following official link:

For more information about the GoPro Karma, you can visit the following official link

You can also search for “GoPro Karma” on Amazon to find all presentations on sale of this drone, bundle or individual.

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