Nintendo 3DS Unboxing

We bring you the Nintendo 3DS Unboxing, with this portable video game console Nintendo seeks to reclaim the esteem of hardcore gamers, in addition to their Project Cafe, the development of the Wii successor.

Size comparison between 3DS, DSi and DSi XL

The Nintendo 3DS finish seems to be flawless, in fact after having tried the DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL, I can say that this version of the console has the best design, esthetically speaking. In any case the downside of it is that it catches a lot of finger prints on the surface, but besides that it looks great and feels like a solid piece.

What I can tell you about this console is that I found a lot of fun on it. The 3D effect is perhaps the least fun feature, that only gives a nice touch, the 3D is very good to be without glasses (if you vary the angle from the front of the screen it turns blurry 3D). The best thing I found yet is augmented reality, AR Games, from archery and fishing games, to be able to make your own Mii avatars, the interaction with the Street Pass community, and the Face Raiders game, where you can start collecting your friend’s faces photos and shoot them in an augmented reality shooting game, which is simple but no less fun.

Anyway I will talk a bit more about that in another post where I show the AR Games. Here I leave you with the gallery, some images comparing the 3DS against the DSi and DSi XL.

Nintendo 3DS image gallery

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