J.Scott Campbell princesses

The Little Mermaid

Since Disney has bought Marvel, many things have been circling around the net on the matter. However, these images in particular caught my attention.

These are the world famous Disney Princesses revamped by the talented comic artist Jeffrey Scott Campbell (known and praised by his work with Marvel Comics).

The Beauty and The Beast

In J. Scott Campbell’s vision we are able to appreciate a sensual side of the reknown princesses which Disney has obviously never been able to explore before.

Maybe this kind of things are nothing but a tiny little bite of all that Disney in its junction with Marvel has to offer for adult audiences.

I can easily picture in my mind new versions for Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc. It wouldn’t be risky to say as an adaptation for Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton with a new plot was released last year. Let’s wait and see what Disney has coming up for us.

J.Scott Campbell princesses

English translation by Wayka Mariño (Wayvias CEO)

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