Trespass: The most recent film of Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman

Trespass is a thriller with a big shot of suspense to keep you attached to your seat for 85 minutes.

What happens when a man with everything, a beautiful wife (Nicole Kidman), a great daughter (Liana Liberato) and a lot of money, is confronted with the reality of losing it all? That is what Kyle Miller (Nicolas Cage) must have to deal with as he and his family become in hostage of a home invasion by a gang of cold-blooded thugs led by Elias (Ben Mendelsohn) and Jonah (Cam Gigandet). Their motive is to take everything that Kyle has, including his life.

Trespass – Trailer HD

Directed by Joel Schumacher, the same as directed Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, 8MM, The Number 23 and Phone Booth.

This film will be released, October 14th, 2011.

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