Il Volo: An amazing trio of young tenors

This trio of opera-pop singers is truly impressive. Il Volo is a group made ​​up of three young Italians: Gianluca Ginoble (born February 11, 1995), Piero Barone (born June 24, 1993), and Ignazio Boschetto (born October 4, 1995).

The 3 singers began in 2009 when they were participating in the musical show “You Lascia A Canzone” (held in San Remo, Italian Riviera) for the RAI Italian television station.

The winner of the show was Ginoble Gianluca, who with just 14 years old marked his victory by singing the song “La Luna Che C’E” by Andrea Bocelli.

These 3 guys were the best male singers in the show, so they were chosen to perform a song as a trio. The theme selected for them was “O Sole Mio”, the Neapolitan classic written in 1898.

After the contest these 3 voices could not be forgotten, and they kept on singing under the name of Tryo, Il Trio and finally as Il Volo, current name of the musical group of the 3 young tenors.

Their album, Il Volo, was released in November 2010 in Italy and the International version in April 2011.

Il Volo made ​​a presentation at the final of the tenth season of American Idol, where they sang the classic “O Sole Mio”, the song that shot them to fame and also released as a single in the United States in early 2011.

These 3 young tenors sing amazingly well in Italian and Spanish, as you can appreciate it in their interpretations of “El Reloj” y “Hasta el final”.

Finally, I leave you with the live performance of “Un Amore Cosi Grande” sung in Italian and Spanish by Il Volo in the Americana at Brand, Glendale, California.

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