Facebook learns from Google+ and made a bunch of privacy improvements

Facebook announced that they have a bunch of privacy improvements that seek to make it easier to sharing posts, photos, tags, and other content exactly to the people you want.

The idea is to establish a better control over who sees what in your profile. Once again, Facebook seems to follow the steps of Google+, rather than vice versa.

The improvements are mainly organized in two areas: What is on your profile?, And what happens when you share something new?

On your profile

When you share

All these changes will begin to roll out in the coming days. At the time this update hits your account you will get a message with a tour guide for the new options.

I’m glad to see Facebook learn from their mistakes and improve their privacy settings as it should be. Maybe it’s too late, but it is better get these updates now than ever.

Facebook also realized the failure of Google+ where you can not update the post share target once done. This is something that definitely Google+ needs to improve.

Now, we would like to know your opinion regarding these updates from Facebook.

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