Google gets social with +1

Until these days appearing on the Google results was a matter of positioning capability of each website, considering several factor as good titles, content, keywords, external links, organized structure and many other details. But this is going to change a little, because Google has introduced a new social tool called ‘+1’.

With +1 you can recommend pages, articles and even ads. So, Google now comes to be, somehow, a social network. The idea is very simple and it’s embed on Google search engine.

This option is only available in English version of  Google. You only need to have a Google profile or create one if you don’t have it. Once you get logged into your Google account click on ‘Join the experiment’ for +1 feature on this page:

I guess very soon we’ll be looking some +1 buttons on websites (like today we see Facebook like, buzz, and twitter buttons).

Google +1 on your profile page
Google search results with +1 button

Easy, right? Now show us some love and give us your +1 😀

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