Schwarzenegger will be back as ‘The Governator’

A nickname that made into the ​​headlines when Schwarzenegger was introduced as governor. The same name that will make the movie star return to the world of entertainment in a comic. Stan Lee (Spider-Man co-author) will be working on this project.

“When I ran for governor in 2003 and began to hear people talk about ‘The Governator’, I thought the word was great”, Schwarzenegger told the magazine.

The comic will not be release until next year, but we will soon see a pictures of Schwarzenegger looking younger  in a blue superhero suit.

“We are using all personal facts from Arnold’s life, his wife (Maria Shriver), their children. We are using the fact that he used to be governor. Only after leaving his job builds a secret high-tech center against crime under his home in Brentwood (Los Angeles area)”, Stan Lee said.

“The Governator” will have a fleet of super vehicles and special suits that allows him to fly and do other stuff. The list of enemies will be lead by a syndicate called Gangsters Racketeers Imposters & Liars Irredeemable Ex-cons (GIRLIE).

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