Microsoft arriving late for social networking with project Tulalip

From what we’ve observed Microsoft is a hunter of trends rather than an innovator. A few days ago the domain filter in the web, place where resides their new social network project, Tulalip.

It seems to be a little bit late Microsoft’s decision to enter the battle of social networks, but I’m sure this has more to do with part of its partnership with Facebook. In fact the screenshot shows that people can login with their credentials from Facebook and Twitter.

Surely there will be integration with the search engine Bing and who knows how many other features with Facebook integration.

Microsoft must have in mind take part of those 700 millions of users from Facebook to Tulalip somehow. Even the filtered url of the project should be part of the pre-release viral marketing plan of Tulalip.

We’ll see how Microsoft manages to achieve something with Tulalip (curious name taken in honor of native American tribes from Washington state). Not an easy job, because by this time Google+ has more than 10 million profiles.

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