Google+ over 10 million users in 2 weeks

Google confirms over 10 million profiles on the new social network, Google+, businessinsider reports. It seems that Google is doing a very nice job this time, unlike to what happened with their last service, Wave.

It’s really impressive that with only 2 weeks online Google+ exceeded the 10 million users. It would be interesting to see some stats reports to check what percentage of these profiles are passive accounts (not posting anything) and how many are actually active (people constantly sharing messages, links, photos, etc.).

What is certain is that if there is a predominance of active profiles, then we are dealing with a tough opponent against Facebook, because making a projection (assuming a constant growth rate) we would be talking that in about 35 months (3 years approximately) Google+ would reach the 700 million users. This doesn’t seem to be difficult for Google, because these growth rates tend to increase exponentially over time until they stabilize.

Mark Zuckerberg is probably sitting naked in a corner of his shower suffering a tic-attack at this moment.

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