Duke Nukem Forever Sucks

After 14 years developing, one of the most anticipated shooters of 2011 sinks. I have been playing a few hours of Duke Nukem Forever and I can tell it’s a scam for those who want to experience a last-gen FPS game, it just feels like a mediocre game. It can only have some nostalgic value for fans of the saga.

We knew The textures would not be nothing special, and we assume they did it that way to preserve a retro style, but the rest of the game is unforgivable.

The audio is not bad, but it is repetitive. Besides, Duke phrases do not have much impact, there is nothing no originality and many of the gameplay jokes are terrible.

Perhaps the worst of all are the loading screens. It seems to take a hole life to load game every time you die or when you finish a short level of 3 or 4 rooms. The loading time is about 30 seconds to 1 minute… again and again.

The puzzles in the game are very old fashion way, perhaps too much. Everything is like Duke Nukem 3D, although it was a successfull game back on its time, they can not hope to succeed again with the same formula now in the middle of 2011. It would have been preferable to launch DN Forever as a remake of Duke Nukem 3D and sell it for $20 or less on PSN. At least that way people would not feel ripped off believing they are buying a last-gen shooter game.

Bullet impacts from the different weapons do not have much flavor either. As for the multiplayer experience… forget about it. The campaign mode has bad graphics, but the multiplayer is like going back to Pentium I. Aiming is a pain in the ass and although there are several game modes such as team flag and team deathmatch, the multiplayer experience is so mediocre that is infinitely preferable playing an old game like Warhawk and you will have more fun with it.

In conclusion, do not waste your money on this game. If you want to try the game just rent it or get it borrowed by an unfortunate friend who already bought it. Or ultimately, if you still want Duke Nukem Forever for its nostalgic value at least wait until it costs $5 to buy it, it will not be a long time wait.


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