Nintendo 3DS: Everything you wanted to know about the AR Games and Play Coins

We already did the Nintendo 3DS Unboxing, now we want to talk a little about the AR Games, those augmented reality games coming with 3DS that work detecting some cards on video, and we are also giving details of those Play Coins that you can accumulate, how to get them and how to spend them.

Lets start with the AR Games, take a look at this video (spanish language) to know how does these augmented reality card-based games works.

The Nintendo 3DS comes with a built-in digital pedometer, this way the console is in sleep mode has the ability to count your steps during the day, as long as you keep the 3DS on your pocket. Now, the grace of this pedometer is not only tell us how much we walk, the counter is used to accumulate Play Coins, exactly 1 coin per 100 steps.

How useful are these Play Coins? The coins can be exchanged for more AR Games, as shown in the following video (spanish language).

We can also exchange them for other things in normal games, such as shown in the video below with Street Fighter IV 3D Edition.

I believe Nintendo has scored some good points with 3DS, and the truth is that not much has to do with the 3D effect. It is fun that even with the console in your pocket you can win some coins to play, is like being playing at all time. Nintendo now can invent many things in games for us to use those Play Coins, unlock areas, characters, mini-games and more.

Also we have to consider that Street Pass community looks like a good job, which although I have not been able to explore its full functionality (I have not coincided with another person with the console yet), but its dynamic promises to be fun. In Street Pass you can go “knowing” people who have the 3DS (a long as they have Street Pass active too), this allows the exchange of Mii avatars and also completing some puzzle mini-games. If you do not have much luck finding people on your way that have a 3DS in their pocket, you can begin to acquire new puzzle pieces by exchanging them for Play Coins.

If one word defines the Nintendo 3DS is fun. Adults and kids will have a lot of  fun with this new handheld console from Nintendo.

Hopefully the NGP (PSP2) from Sony will take advantage of the fact that Nintendo 3DS has come out first on the market to improve what they has proved to be fun.

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