Marvel now with their own MMOGs: Marvel Universe Online and Super Hero Squad Online

DC Universe Online will not be the only option in the world of Comic MMO games. Marvel has decided to venture into this field and launch their own MMOG titled Marvel Universe. The game history will be written by Brian Michael Bendis (writer of the comics New Avengers, Daredevil, Utimate Spider-Man, among others). And the best of all, the Marvel game will be completely free!

Inside Marvel Universe players can play as superheroes from Marvel epic stories, including Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hulk, among others. There will be more playable characters than any other Marvel videogame before, and you will confront Doctor Doom as the game’s main villain.

From start to end this game will be completely free, as reported Mashable about Marvel press conference in San Francisco on last Thursday.

The game’s official Twitter account is @MMMSociety, named as tribute to the “Merry Marvel Marching Society” Fan Club created by Stan Lee in 1960.

Gazillion is the company that has been working with Marvel for more than a year to develop this MMO. David Brevik, co-founder of Blizzard North (San Francisco Division) and Gazillion COO, says Marvel Universe was designed as a free game from the beginning, adding – “We want this to be truly legitimate and compelling experience”. That does not mean that Marvel Universe will not be profitable, there will be items that people can buy in the game while maintaining a completely free experience.

Por ahora, Marvel Universe ha sido confirmado para PC solamente y no se ha anunciado una fecha de lanzamiento (se espera que sea bastante lejana).

Marvel Universe has been confirmed for PC only and there’s not yet a release date announced.

At the same time, Marvel has been working on another online game aimed at a younger audience, Super Hero Squad Online. This is like an appetizer for gamers, in this free online adventure you can take the identities of superheroes to save  Super Hero City. Among the playable characters are Iron Man, Invisible Woman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Hulk and many more. The game is developed by Gazillion too.

Players can customize their own headquarters in the game, get some usable items, and also fill subscriptions to unlock more superhero characters, new areas and missions. The game will also feature an offline card based component.

The game is completely free and playable on almost any browser. To start playing just enter the official website of Super Hero Squad Online and follow the instructions.

I think Marvel is giving a violent slap in the face to the people of DC, who charges a $15 monthly fee to gamers for their game DC Universe Online on PS3 and PC. Let’s hope Marvel finish the job launching their MMOG for consoles as well.

Perhaps it was a wise decision to cancel the initial project of Marvel Universe Online, that later became Champions Online, a MMOG that has nothing to do with Marvel Comics. This decision allowed Marvel study the launch of DC Universe Online, so, in that way is not surprising that Marvel Universe will be free to play.

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