Nintendo will reveal a New Console HD at E3 2011, Project Cafe (Wii2)

According to multiple sources that have reported to Game Informer, Nintendo will unveil a new HD console at the E3 video game convention in June. Apparently, this console, codenamed ‘Project Cafe ‘, will run games in HD 1080p resolution and will be significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This will be the Nintendo’s attempt to regain the hardcore gamers in the market.

Rumors talk about the launch of this new console will be late 2012. But Nintendo could make a formal announcement this month revealing part of what they’re planning to show at E3. The console will have backward compatibility with current Wii games.

A report from CVG and other sources from IGN says that Nintendo’s new console will feature a new control with an integrated display with touch capabilities. This new controller will have 2 analog sticks, D-pad and trigger buttons. In functionality, but not in shape, may be similar to the Gamecube controller.

Conceptual image

The display integrated into the new controller measures about 6 inches and will allow players to stream content from the console to controller’s screen, working like a miniature TV where you can enjoy your games.

What we see is that Project Cafe is not exactly a second version of the Wii console, it is a console designed to catch the attention of hardcore gamers, ready to compete strongly in the market against PS3 and Xbox 360.

Now lets wait for Nintendo to confirm all these features of their new HD console. We’re anxious to see what Nintendo wants to show at the E3 this year, where they will also displaying some of the first and third parties game titles.

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