‘Flying’ the web with Opera 11.10 Turbo mode

Among the most promising features of the new Opera browser version is the new Turbo mode, which seeks to make faster your browsing experience even on slow connections. Additionally Opera have implemented support for Google WebP images.

As we can see Opera have invested heavily on the advertising for Opera 11.10, I think it’s afair way to reach the next step on the web browsers struggle on the market today. Look at these stats, taken from Nolapeles visits in the last 30 days, you can see what seems to be the actual trends about the use of browsers:

  1. Firefox: 46.09%
  2. Chrome: 39.66%
  3. Internet Explorer: 10.98%
  4. Opera: 1.11%
  5. Safari: 0.94%
  6. Playstation 3: 0.33%
  7. Mozilla Compatible Agent: 0.13%
  8. Opera Mini: 0.12%
  9. RockMelt: 0.11%
  10. BlackBerry8530: 0.10%

According to these percentages, Opera is the fourth option (fought with Safari) in browsers, not a bad position, considering that over Opera are the well known Firefox, Chrome and IE. However, the percentage of people who use it must increase significantly if they want Opera to battle for the 3rd place.

You can find a history of statistics on browser usage trends in w3schools.com.

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