The Perfect Earphones for any Fitness and Health Activity: The Dash


Let us introduce you The Dash, the perfect earphones for any fitness activity, workout or just to commute. And if you are not training yet, what are you waiting for? Just find your ideal sport activity item in CrazySales.

People always had listen to music while doing any kind of trainig, but you have not seen anything like these earphones before… The Dash are smart-earphones with wireless conectivity and sensors to check your heart rate, podometer, analyze physical metrics and give you feedback while you are training.

The best you can do for your health is to exercise daily, like riding bike for example, but remember first to find all your bike accessories in order.

And what a better way to enjoy you workout than listening music. The Dash earphones comes with 4 GB of music storage, and if you still need more songs, you can always stream music from your smartphone via bluetooth without any signal interruption.


These amazing earphones counts with optical touch controls both, so you do not need to take aout your phone from your pocket to change a song track or level up the volume, you can do all of those features and much more by swiping and tapping the face of your earphones.

Maybe one of the best features of these earphones is the fact that are waterproof! So, if you got all your water sport equipment from CrazySales you still need to get your hand on The Dash.

The waterproof build hardware is a great bonus for anyone that practice any water sport to keep in shape. Swimmers had never before the chance to ear music while training inside the water. Also the waterproof feature is very usefull for anyone that is having a rainy day while running or commuting.

You just need the best bicycle parts for your bike, the best shoes for your running, and the best earphones for your ears.


As you can see, ear the music wireless is not the only great function of The Dash smart-earphones. And if you are worried about its battery life, let us tell you that The Dash counts with 3 hours of autonomy, and a charging box with 5 full charges of autonomy also. So, you will never get out of juice on the go.

You can buy The Dash in Amazon from USD $299. Also you can check more information about The Dash earphones on the Bragi official website.

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