Pokémon Go: All you need to know to catch them all!

It seems that we’re back to 1996, because the Pokémon madness is unleashed after the release of the mobile game Pokémon Go, developed by Niantic and Nintendo. Since then people have been throwing their PokéBalls in the most unusual places to catch Pokémon.

If you’re already playing Pokémon Go or it is in your plans, you will find at this article all the relevant information about the game, its origin, strategies, recommendations, tips for throwing your Pokeball… Everything you need know to catch them all! Continue Reading

Moto G4 at $149 and many other deals exclusively on Amazon’s Prime Day this July 12

The Prime Day is the event of July 12 this year, in which Amazon promises the best exclusive offers for Amazon Prime members. Try the Amazon Prime membership and get immediate access to all the offers on Prime Day this July 12. You can not miss the Motorola Moto G4 at $149 (with advertising) only during the Prime Day! Find out about its specifications below. Continue Reading

The Motorola RAZR returns this year

The classic Motorola RAZR V3 made its debut in 2004 and managed to sell over 130 million units worldwide. Those were the glory days of Motorola. Now, 22 years later Motorola promises to bring back the RAZR flip phone in the Lenovo Tech World on June 9. If you don’t think this is for real, then take a look below at the official Motorola teaser announcing the return of the legendary RAZR. Continue Reading