Important tips to get the most out of your Black Friday Deals Week purchases at Amazon


Get the best deals on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week that already started. Apply the following tips to buy on Black Friday this week, and remember that the best deals will be reserved for this Friday, November 25th.

Three tips to get the best deals on Amazon’s Black Friday Deals Week


1.- Make a list

It may seem a little difficult not to shop nervously when you are surrounded by tempting deals, but you have to make an effort to stay calm. Just as you don’t go to a grocery store without a list, you’ll also need to make a list to keep your priorities in order on Black Friday. Add everything you need to a list so you can monitor it better and even be able to decide if you are going to leave something out of that list for another deal you have found.


2.- Monitor the upcoming deals

Don’t wait until a deal to be online to buy it. Explore all upcoming deals so you can mark all what you would like to buy, so you have a better chance to claim the offer once it’s active. In order to make this, just check the “Upcoming” item listed in  Amazon’s Black Friday “Top Deals”, there you can mark the specific products of your interest and you will receive alerts just before those deals get online (remember to activate notifications for marked or visited products in your Amazon mobile app).

3.- Dale al botón comprar y luego piensa

Las ofertas se van rápidísimo cuando son muy buenas, así que si ves una que pueda ser que te interese dale a comprar sin pensarlo y automáticamente se reservará para ti durante 15 minutos. Durante ese tiempo puedes verificar si es el producto que realmente necesitas o no para concretar tu compra.

3.- Click buy and then think

If you see one deal that you might be interested just click the buy button without thinking, because great deals get out of stock very quickly. Once you click buy button Amazon will automatically reserve that deaks for you up tp 15 minutes. During that time you can verify if it is the product that you really need and make your purchase without rush.

You already have all the knowledge necessary to get the most out on this Black Friday Deals Week at Amazon, are you still here? what are you waiting? Start applying our tips now!

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