Man climbing the Trump Tower in Manhattan (video)


This afternoon (Wednesday, August 10th) a man started to climb with suction cups and moorings the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NY. The police have tried to corner him to come down, but the man still making his way slowly to the top of the tower. Watch the following live coverage courtesy of ABC News.

Live coverage of the man climbing the Trump Tower in Manhattan

Initial report of man climbing the Trump Tower in Manhattan

The man has been climbing the tower from a few hours ago, approximately at 5:30 PM he was on the 16th floor of the tower, as reported by the NYPD. The adventurous man began climbing the tower of 58 floors (with a height of 202 meters) from the fifth floor that has public access.

The police and the fire department are already in place and have been trying to block his way to capture him. But the climber has been changing its route to avoid being capture by the officers on his way to the top.

Hopefully this situation will come to an end without tragedy, maybe the man just wanted to show his skill and daring climbing the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

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