Nacho sent a message to supporters of Venezuela’s officialism who accuse him of populist


Venezuelan singer Miguel Ignacio Mendoza, better known as Nacho, made clear in a message on his Facebook account that the humanitarian help he is giving to Venezuela is completely disinterested and without any advertising purposes, as it is claimed by adherents Venezuela’s officialism. He also confirms that his success is due to a full career of hard work and he exposes on video all the international awards that certificate it.

Message written by Nacho in his Facebook:

“My intention never will be to boast of what I have. Today we’re up, tomorrow we may be down, but I do not worry about that because I have the same old friends. What I really can not stand are the absurd comments arising from the dementia that generates resentment and uncontrolled fanaticism. I do not care that anyone doubt on what I have accomplished, I’m worry about the underestimation of the disaster that has occurred under Maduro government. With love and respect, “just by the moment”, I’m well with the theme of popularity. I do not need to buy food to the hungry and get medicine to the sick to make me famous, but I do have the need to help a wounded country by corrupt thugs who wield the power. I will not get tired.”

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