Spider-Man exclusive for playStation 4 will arrive December 2017


The famous wall-crawler will have an exclusive game for PlayStation 4. Sony introduced the trailer of Spider-Man at E3 2016, so far it has not an official release date, but apparently will hit the market on December 29, 2017 as informs the publication of the game on Amazon and other online stores.

Insomniac Games is in charge of the development of this game. Spider-Man promises to be one of the most ambitious projects of Marvel for the PS4.

The plot of the story doesn’t have any relationship with the Marvel Cinematic Universe nor the new film that will star Tom Holland in 2017. Because of this, creators took some creative liberties, such as the details of the new Spider-Man suit that we can see in the trailer.

You can buy Spider-Man for PS4 on Amazon for USD $ 59.99.

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