Meet the Barisieur: The alarm clock and personal coffee maker


Meet the Barisieur, a beutiful and original retro alarm clock and coffee maker that will seduce you every morning with a divine scent of freshly brewed coffee or tea.

☀️In all its glory ☀️Happy Friday. Tag someone who would like to wake up to me on the weekend! ??

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The Barisieur was designed in 12 months in a research project led by Joshua Renouf in London. Initially he sought to understand the psychology of sleep. The investigation found that having a cheerful awakening can give you the necessary encouragement to face the day ahead with the best energies.

Basically the Barisieur is an alarm clock that reminds you that it is time to wake up and waits for you as a loyal barista with your coffee ready.

The Barisieur design is made with high quality materials and a beautiful retro style.

The Kickstarter project raised about $494,000 with 1184 sponsors and is actually in production phase.

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If you want to buy the Barisieur, please visit the following official link, leave your contact details and you will be inform where you can buy The Barisieur once it hits the market:

The Barisieur will be priced around $350.

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