Microsoft will launch the compact Xbox One S console with 4K video support in August


Microsoft revealed at the E3 2016 conference the Xbox One S, a new model of its entertainment console with 4K video support that will have a starting price of USD $299 for the 500GB edition.


The Xbox One S offers an “additional processing power” states Microsoft,  and 4K video output support, greater range for wireless controllers and a new design 40% more compact compared to the size of the original Xbox One (as seen in the picture above courtesy of TheVerge). The console also comes with an integrated power supply, a highly anticipated feature by the users.

This Xbox model can be placed horizontally or vertically thanks to a stand.

Additionally, one of the USB ports has been relocated up the front and the Kinect port disappeared, so whoever wants to connect it will need to use an adapter.

The controller didn’t have major changes, apart from a new texture on its back for better grip, have integrated bluetooth to use it directly and wirelessly with laptops and desktops.

About the 4K, the video should come from any Blu-Ray or streaming service, like Netflix. Microsoft have also added HDR support to take advantage of the new TVs with this graphics technology. The HDR mode will be compatible with games.

A Xbox One S limited edition will be available in early August with 2 TB of storage and priced at about $399. Later will be available two standard versions: 500 GB model for $299 and edition of 1 TB at $349.

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