Lenovo shows off incredible first bendable smartphones and tablets


Lenovo showed during the Lenovo Tech World conference on Thursday (June 9) the first bendable smartphone that you can wrap around your wrist, followed by the first tablet that can bend in two like a newspaper.


YouTube celebrity, Meghan McCarthy, showed both devices, rolling up the smartphone on her wrist and then turning a tablet into 2 parts to show the great progress of Lenovo technology with flexible displays, involving course, others flexible hardware components as well (as motherboards and batteries).


Lenovo did not make any announcement about release dates or the names of these new flexible devices. However, Peter Hortensius, SVP and CTO of Lenovo, told McCarthy to handle them carefully because those devices “cost a little more than an average smartphone or tablet.”

Lenovo’s announcement comes just two days after Samsung revealed that has plans to launch 2 flexible phones in 2017, as reports Bloomberg Technology.

You can viewLenovo Tech World conference in the next official source from Lenovo YouTube channel.

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