Opera integrates free and unlimited VPN service into its browser


Now in the Opera latest developer browser version for Windows and Mac you can find integrated a VPN free and unlimited service, an ideal solution for all of those defenders of Internet privacy and all those seeking to enjoy region blocked content on other services.

To activate this feature just open the Opera browser, go to “configuration” menu, hit on “Privacy and security” section, and once there click on the option “Enable VPN”.

After this you will find a new icon on the browser’s tool bar that means the VPN service is enabled. If you click that button you can checkout your data consumption and also you can select from which country you want to pretend to be navigating (by the moment just IPs from United States, Canada and Germany can be selected).

An important fact for those looking to enjoy Netflix region blocked content, is that by the time the Opera VPN works smoothly. Although Netflix this year declared the war against VPN services and they had been blocking all access from those shared IPs.

This new VPN service for Opera browser has been possible thanks to the collaboration of SurfEasy Inc., a Canadian company purchased by Opera in March 2015.

Opera press release

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