Presenting Air Bonsai, the first bonsai floating plant


This project looks like something taken out of the surrealist imagination of the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. Air Bonsai is a Kickstarter iniciative seeking to raise $80,000 to create the floating bonsai. Today the funds are exceeding more than twice that amount and still counting more than 30 days of funding.

Air Bonsai is basically a miniature bonsai plant that floats and rotates about 2 centimeters above from a magnetic base in the best zen-science fiction style you could ever imagine.

The cheapest package is $200 for a basic set, including a “power base”, an AC adapter, and the plant. For about $30 more you can get a version where the base of the plant is a lava rock.

What do you think about the Air Bonsai project?

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