Netflix launches in Latin America and the Caribbean

Today Netflix officially announced the service begins to unfold in Latin America and the Caribbean on September 5th to 12th.Great news! Following the press release and the price list for each country.

Starting today, people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean who love watching movies and TV shows can enjoy a service that has revolutionized the viewing habits of more than 25 million North Americans by letting them watch what they want, when and where they want.

Hi, I’m Rochelle King, Netflix VP of User Experience and Design. At Netflix, we’ve been pioneering ways to make it easy and inexpensive for people to discover and watch great movies and TV shows and I couldn’t be more pleased to announce that today, Netflix launches in Brazil and that over the next week, Netflix will launch throughout Latin America and the Caribbean – some 43 countries and territories in all.

By September 12, people throughout the Americas will be able to instantly watch a broad selection of movies and TV shows streaming from Netflix on computers, game consoles like the WII and PS3, and Smart TVs. A Netflix membership provides unlimited movies and TV shows for a low monthly subscription. Brazilians can now sign up for one month free at

Getting to this day has been incredibly rewarding for everyone at Netflix – the passion and energy that have gone into building our Latin American service is amazing. Over the last few months, our team has spent countless hours in the region learning as much as we can about how Latin Americans think about, and enjoy, movies and TV shows.

We’ve licensed thousands and thousands of hours of feature films, classic favorites, gripping telenovelas, documentaries and kids shows we know you’ll enjoy. We’ve been testing and figuring out the right internet architecture to make sure the quality and speed of the Netflix streaming experience is the best it can be. And we’ve been training people locally to deliver the excellent customer support Netflix is known for in the U.S. and Canada.

We’ve definitely learned a lot in these past few months, and we’ll continue to learn and improve as we grow and expand our service in Latin America. Netflix is always seeking to get better, to learn more about its members, and to deliver them incredible value and convenience.

We were excited to find out how passionate people in Latin America are about movies and TV shows, it’s an incredible opportunity for Netflix and I hope everyone in Latin America enjoys this service as much as we’ve enjoyed building it for you.

País Fecha Precio
Brasil 5/9/11 R$ 14,99
Argentina 7/9/11 $ 39,00
Paraguay 7/9/11 US$ 7,99
Uruguay 7/9/11 US$ 7,99
Bolivia 8/9/11 US$ 7,99
Chile 8/9/11 $ 3.790
Colombia 9/9/11 $ 14.000
Ecuador 9/9/11 US$ 7,99
Perú 9/9/11 US$ 7,99
Venezuela 9/9/11 US$ 7,99
México 12/9/11 $ 99
América Central 12/9/11 US$ 7,99
El Caribe 12/9/11 US$ 7,99

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