How does BBM Music work? (New service for music sharing on your BlackBerry)

BBM Music is RIM’s answer to share music from their BlackBerry devices. The service is in private beta but it will be available later this year for a monthly fee of $4.99.

How does it work?

  • Every BBM user can build a personal library music on their profile up to 50 songs. 25 songs can be swapped out and refreshed each month.
  • Your music library is then accessible with all of your BBM contacts that join BBM Music.
  • Users can access all the music from their friends’ too. That means that if a user has 30 contactc on BBM Music and each of those contacts is sharing 50 songs, the user’s total library will have 1,550 tracks.
  • Users can build playlists based on their music and the music of their contacts.
  • All users have access to full tracks and can listen to music offline.

RIM doesn’t want to step behind now that music services such as Spotify and Google Music are on the market. However, once again RIM seems to be arriving late to the party and to make it even worse there is not mention of any possibility to enjoy part of the BBM Music service for free.

How many BlackBerry users will be willing to pay $4.99 for sharing 50 songs and the chance to enjoy the library of those of their contacts who have join BBM Music too…?

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