Apple Campus 2: New Apple Circular Headquarters (rendered images)

These are rendered images of what will be the new circular headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, officially named as “Apple Campus 2”. You can not avoid imagine after seeing these images that the structure at any moment is going to taket off the ground like a flying saucer.

The structure will count with 2.8 million square-foot with four workplace floors for 12,000 employees, will include an auditorium with 1,000 seats, 300,000 square-foot of research facilities, a couple of levels of underground parking in the circular structure and also an external four-story parking structure.

The Apple Campus 2 will be enshrouded in enormous pieces of curved glass, it will use its own “energy center” as power source and a conventional electricity grid as a backup.

La finalización de esta impresionante base de operaciones de Apple está prevista para el 2015.

The completion of this impressive Apple’s base is scheduled for 2015.

Apple Campus 2 image gallery

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