PlayStation Vita can be used as a controller for your PS3

Great news for PS3 gamers, now that we know the PlayStation Vita may be used as a control for the console, there is nothing to envy to the Nintendo Wii U.

You’ll be able to save the state of certain games on your PS3, then update this data on your PS Vita and continue playing your game on the go. You can also use the gyroscope functionality and touch panels (front and rear) as resources to control games on your PS3. Developers can apply updates to existing PS3 games to support the PS Vita as a control device.

The connection between the PS3 and Vita will be handled via WiFi and through the PlayStation Network.

The best part is that unlike the Wii U controller, the PS Vita does have a CPU, therefore it will not sacrifice the processor of the PS3 while playing this fun combination.

One of the first games that can share data between the PS3 and the PS Vita will be RUIN, an RPG in the style of Diablo 3. You can take a look at RUIN in the video below.

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