Diablo 3 will feature an Auction House for trading with real money

This always has been a business for the gold farmers, collecting in-game virtual currency and sell it to players, or sell rare items that are hard to get. Now Blizzard, looking for a way to combat the black market behind this type of games, has decided to implement an Auction House for trading items for real money in Diablo 3.

Actually there will be two Auction Houses, a place to negotiate for in-game “gold” and the other to negotiate directly with real money.

This measure makes possible a legal form to what was already happening with these games. Blizzard is putting into the hands of the users the ability to buy and sell in a secure way for real money their items. This will eliminate the black market, but will exploit the market of electronic goods in a legally way that we didn’t know before in the Diablo franchise. I’m sure we’ll start to see many online stores with catalogs full of weapons, armor, rings, etc. and they will have a presence inside the game.

Diablo 3 is in closed beta at this time. There is still time before we can play it, but you can see some progress in the video below.

You can get more details about Diablo 3 Closed Beta and the Auction House on the following link: us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/events/diablo3-announcement/index.html#summary

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