How to see YouTube Live on Google+ Hangouts?

YouTube gradually integrates more tightly to the platform of Video Chat Group offered by Google+, including ways to integrate with the hangouts. Seeing the demand to have some hangouts to be “televised” live, Google has begun to integrate their capabilities with live streaming. Although this is not ready, you can already watch live content with others in the hangout, for example, watch a football game with your friends.

Follow this instructions to create your own hangout where everyone can see live feeds:

  1. Start a Hangout session and invite your contacts.
  2. In a separate tab in your browser, go to and select the Live Stream of your interest.
  3. Copy the ID of the video on YouTube
  4. Return to the Hangout and make a search for the ID of the video stream.
  5. Play the video, and enjoy.

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