Google Page Speed ​​is going to serve web pages 25% to 60% faster

Google is obsessed with speed and now seem to be serious because they are announcing that their service Page Speed ​​is intended to serve web pages from their own servers, optimizing its loading time a 25% to 60% faster.

To use Google Page Speed you ​​just need to sing up to service and point your DNS to Google. After that, Page Speed ​​will get the contents from your servers, rewrite your web pages by implementing best practices in performance, and serve them to end users through all the Google servers around the world. Users will continue to access your website as they did before, only with better load times.

El servicio inicialmente estará gratuito para un grupo reducido de testers. Luego, Google ya empezará a cobrar por el servicio a un precio muy competitivo, según prometen.

The service will be initially free for a limited group of testers. Then, Google will begin charging for the service at a competitive price, as they promise.

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