Uruguay becomes Champion of the Copa America 2011

At the Copa America’s final to decide who took home the Cup, Uruguay entered the field with Muslera, M. Pereira, Lugano, Coates, Cáceres, A. Pereira, D. Perez, Arevalo Rios Gonzalez Suarez and Forlan.

Paraguay played with Villar, Piris, Da Silva, Veron, Marecos; Ortigoza, Riveros, V. Cáceres, E. Vera Haedo Valdez and Zeballos.

Both teams gave the best the could on the field. Luis Suarez at minute 12 marks the first goal for Uruguay, opening the scoring in the game. The Paraguayans were desperate and tried but can not tie against the Uruguayan team. Forlan scored another goal and put the second for his team at the 42 minutes. Finish the first time with Uruguay winning 2 to 0.

The second half begins with a desperate Paraguay. Forlan’s second goal at minute 90 occurs. Forlan had a year without being able to score goals for his country and what a great way to open the score again but winning the Copa America tournament.

Uruguay became champion of the Cup by beating Paraguay with a difference of 3 goals to 0. Paraguay returned home with 5 games tied and one lost. Their goalkeeper Justo Villar is awarded as “Best Goalkeeper”.

It is the 15th Cup for Urugay. They had 28 years without lifting the cup. The last they won it back in 95 when they were hosts, leaving Brazil as Sub Champion. With this cup Uruguay climbs over Argentina, because they were tied as Copa America’s champions with 14 cups each one. Now Uruguay is the country with more cups from the Copa America received.

The player from Uruguay, Sebastián Coates, was elected as “Best young player”. The Players Luis Suarez, Paolo Guerrero, Justo Villar and Sebastian Coates received individual trophies as top players in the Copa America.


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