Facebook now with Social Hangouts

There is an url that seems to be a ‘hangouts’ experiment for Facebook. The first to introduce this kind of service was Google+ and the response from Facebook then was to show its video call service in partnership with Skype, but there was no comparison, because you could only hold a video chat with one person at a time unlike with Google+ where you can have a conversation with up to 10 people simultaneously.

After all, it seems that Facebook realized Google+ was a couple of steps forward with the Hangouts. Maybe this was a wake-up call, because now Facebook is developing their own “hangouts” under the name of “Social hangouts” (they did not have the delicacy to give it another name).

The service implements a Toolkit developed by Tokbox called Open.Tok to add face to face communication on websites.

The service Social Hangouts claims to support up to 20 users simultaneously, so we might think this is Facebook’s way to tell Google “We’re not falling behind”.

If you want to try Facebook Social Hangouts just click on the following link: apps.facebook.com/socialhangouts/

And tell us in comments what’s your opinion about it? Do you think that it is better than Google+ Hangouts?

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