Frostwire 5.0.7 Released

Recently we announced the launch of the beta, and today is the official launch of the final release of Frostwire 5.0.7, a version based on the BitTorrent Network that incorporates enhancements and new features such as the capability to send files and folders via torrents in a completely transparent mode to the user.

To download the application please visit the following link: Download Frostwire 5.0.7

Do not forget the benefits of using the functionality of sending files and folders regardless of its size with Frostwire, it is just unmissable.

Benefits of sending files to friends using FrostWire:

  • No file size limits (in theory up to 16TB)
  • You can send entire folders!
  • No need to register or have your files uploaded to a third party service
  • The more people you send the file, the faster it gets because each FrostWire will collaborate as a swarm
  • The receiving party won’t get lost with Advertisement or will have to wait minutes before the download starts
  • The receiving party can pause and resume the download
  • The receiving party can select which files to download (if you send a folder)
  • No ads

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