FrostWire 5.0.7 beta: Now you can Send Files and Folders to your friends

Frostwire 5.0.7 beta is now based on bittorrent network, and it incorporates some interesting new features, like the capability to send files and folders no matter its size, and an expanded view of the torrent’s content en the search results.

Frostwire Send File and Send Folder

This feature is available on the “File” Menu or by right clicking on an active torrent in the transfer manager, and it allows you to send a file or a folder (no matter its size) to another person using a simple http:// link. The other person needs to have FrostWire +5.0.7 running to receive the file.

The page shown on the link shared will guide the receiving person through the process with a series of live notifications. The moment FrostWire starts running it’ll automatically start downloading the file or folder over the bittorrent network. Users will never have to deal with .torrent files, trackers, or anything, now it’s all transparent!

Some benefits of sending files to friend using FrostWire:

  • No file size limits (in theory up to 16TB)
  • You can send entire folders!
  • No need to register or have your files uploaded to a third party service
  • The more people you send the file, the faster it gets because each FrostWire will collaborate as a swarm
  • The receiving party won’t get lost with Advertisement or will have to wait minutes before the download starts
  • The receiving party can pause and resume the download
  • The receiving party can select which files to download (if you send a folder)
  • No ads

Besides that, now all search results have [+] icon left of the search result name. Clicking there the Partial Download window opens and shows the torrent’s contents. If the torrent has way too many files and you’re  just interested in a few, then simply use a type as you text search filter to find what you need in the torrent.

To check the full changelog for this release you can visit the Official Frostwire Blog.

Download Frostwire 5.0.7 beta from the following official links:




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