Exploring the Google+ project (Facebook trembles…)

Google is determined to give an epic battle against Facebook, now with the Google+ project. I just got the invitation, and I can say that the Google’s social network is very well implemented, especially the part of the circles of friends, the metaphor is excellent and at the interface level the drag & drop works perfectly.

And don’t forget about the hangout sessions, which are the best feature on Google+. A video chat which involved multiple users simultaneously. It’s really amazing, you can see it in action in the video below.

You can specify your interests in the sparks section, that way you can filter all the content you want to get in your account.

You can also install the Google+ Android app from the following link: google.com/mobile/+/

For the moment Google+ service is closed, to gain entry you need receive an invitation from a contact that already has an account enabled. Once inside, the process is simple, just fill your profile and start creating your circles.

Invitation mechanism is temporarily suspended due to the high demand last night.

Me imagino que todo el equipo de Facebook debe estar tratando de obtener su cuenta en Google+, mientras Mark Zuckerberg se come las uñas nerviosamente.

I guess the entire Facebook team must be trying to get their Google+ account, while Mark Zuckerberg eats his nails nervously.

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