Top 5 Unmissable Shooter Games of 2011

We bring you our Top 5 of the Best Shooting Games of 2011 (FPS or TPS). It is curious that this year almost all the titles are the third release of the series.

5 – Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever ranks fifth among the shooter games for its nostalgic value. This was the revolutionary first-person-shooter video game. Its content is original and despite the years it preserves a lot of its original essence.

Available for PS3, Xbox 360 y PC.

Release date, June 14th.

4 – Resistance 3

Resistance is back after more than two years without knowing much about it. This game invites you to avoid a terrible invasion that has undergone the human species. The aliens move in order to eradicate all forms of life on earth and we can not allow them to.

Available for PS3.

Release date, September 6th.

3 – Gears of War 3

After 18 months later of the events of Gears of War 2, comes the most anticipated shooter video game for Xbox 360. This third release of the Gears of War is actually the end of the saga. Do can not miss this epic adventure loaded with a deep action storyline.

Available for Xbox 360.

Release date, September 20th.

2 – Modern Warfare 3

We give second place to MW3 for all the expectations that is creating this game. And how’s not going to be like that, if this release is the successor to the world’s best selling first-person-shooter game.

Available for PS3, Xbox 360 y PC.

Release date, November 8th.

1 – Battlefield 3

The well deserved first place is for Battlefield 3, because this game makes you ‘live’ the battle, powered by its new graphic engine Frostbite 2. All of those who had the opportunity to try Battlefield 3 comment that they had never lived a similar experience in a shooter game before and that this title heads the list of their game purchases of 2011.

Available for PS3, Xbox 360 y PC.

Release date, October 25th.

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