Swipe the N9: Not every new Nokia comes with Windows Phone

Apparently, Windows Phone is not the only weapon of the next-gen Nokia phones. The Finnish company is lauching a new phone, the Nokia N9, based on the platform Meego. This system came from the fusion of the platforms Intel’s Moblin and Nokia’s Maemo.

With the Nokia N9, “Now all we need is just a swipe”. This phone will captivate more than one, due to its minimalist design and many features offered by Nokia on this device.

The new concept is based on a new way to distribute tasks that usually we do on a phone, dividing the space into three main views, where each one has a specific purpose:

  • In the first view, we find all the applications available on the phone.
  • In the second view, a space dedicated to condense all notifications of social networks and feeds you’re subscribed.
  • And at the third view, we find a kind of Task Manager, where you can access all your recent activities.

And you’re wondering, how do you alternate between the views available? the answer is simply, just “swipe”.


At hardware level, the phone is made of one piece of polycarbonate, and it doesn’t have a “Home” button on the front, to make room for the new concept of swipe usability.

The N9 has a 8 MP camera with Carl Zeiss lens, autofocus and LED flash, and the capacity to record HD video with stereo sound.

A very relevant feature is the inclusion of an NFC chip, which adds a significant amount of transactions possibilities for this phone.

It will be available with storage capacities of 16 GB and 64 GB. And in colors: Black, Blue and Pink.

If you want more information, you can visit the official N9 website: swipe.nokia.com

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