Japanese Spherical Drone (video)

This drone officially received the name of “spherical flight vehicle”, after being developed as a prototype miniature drone. It was developed by the Japanese Ministry of Defense. This robot with 42 cm in diameter, weighs only 350 grams, and can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour.


Its battery allows it to stay in the air for only eight minutes. The spherical body, absorb a lot of the impact when a hard landing is needed. However, experts are already working on one version that will work with solar energy, this way at least during the day it will fly for hours.

Inside the spherical-cage you’ll find a propeller, and eight separate wings for control. It can also hold a camera and sensors. According to a report from the developers, most of the components were buyed in Akihabara, the technology district in Tokyo. Its cost was aproximately 110000 yen, that is equivalent to $ 1,371.

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