Sony introduces PlayStation Vita at E3 2011, only $249 (NGP, PSP2)

PlayStation Vita presentation at E3 2011 (known as NGP before) has been stunning, especially considering its tempting price of $249 for the WiFi version and $299 for the 3G + Wifi version.

Sony has decided to use the name of “Vita” for its meaning in Latin, Life. A very appropriate name for a powerful console that seems to have its own life, with richer gaming experience combined with great connectivity to the real world.

PS Vita features a 5-inch multitouch OLED screen, a rear multitouch surface, and 2 analog sticks. All this together ensures a new gaming experience.

Sony will be in partnership with AT&T in the United States to distribute the PS Vita that now comes with 3G connectivity. This console will allow gamers to meet, connect, share and play with their friends wherever they are.

PS Vita features “LiveArea”, an interactive space for each software title in which users can access the latest information through PlayStation Network. Also have “near”, a pre-installed application that lets you know if there are other players nearby. Hace its own “Party” app, where you can voice and text chat while playing or surfing the internet. And we will see the “Welcome Park”, an application tutorial designed to guide users through the new PS Vita user interface.

Among the PS Vita video games launch line are: Uncharted: Golden Abyss, LittleBigPlanet, and Ruin (in development). Additionally, titles such as Little Deviants, Hot Shots Golf, Reality Fighter, Hustle Kings, ModNation Racers, Wipeout, Super Stardust Delta and a wide range of games developed by third parties.

PlayStation Vita will hit the market by the end of this year. You can already pre-order it on Amazon: PS Vita con WiFiPS Vita con 3gG+ WiFi.

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