Nintendo reveals Wii U gaming system at E3 2011 (Wii2)

Nintendo introduced at E3 2011 the Wii U gaming system, an HD 1080p console via HDMI with an innovative controller (tablet style) that incorporates a 6.2” touchscreen display to give players a new gaming experience.

Nintendo has not revealed many details yet but we can see that the Wii U controller comes with a camera for video chat and also with the capability of interact with video games and applications.

We can also see a stylus that can be used to make many elaborate drawings showing the high degree of detail of the controller display. Its resolution appears to be high enough to be compared with current smartphones. Nintendo says it is not HD, but the resolution is substantially larger than 3DS screen.

Nintendo didn’t want to build a console that was hard to play, so we can see in the controller  a pair of analog sticks on the top, buttons A, B, X, Y on the right side, a control pad on the left, and it also features speakers and a headphone jack.

Definitely, the new battle of gaming consoles is to revolutionize the gameplay experience for gamers, that’s what we can notice after watching the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation Vita, and now the Wii U.

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