ASUS shows how to turn a smartphone into a tablet with the Padfone

ASUS has come up with an android-based solution for all of those who wanted both a smartphone and a tablet, but without having to invest in two expensive devices and not worrying about maintain data updated on both. They called it the Padfone, an integration of an adapter that turns your smartphone into a tablet.

With the Padfone, unveiled by ASUS at Computex 2011, you can jump from a 10.1-inch tablet to a 4.3-inch phone screen by simply removing the equipment in the rear slot of the tablet adapter. Also, you don’t have to synchronize information because all data is being stored on your phone. The 3G connection is shared from your phone. You only have 1 SIM card for both devices, there’s no need of an additional data plan on another line.

Additionally, the Padfone tablet battery can be used to recharge the battery of your smartphone while it’s connected.

I think ASUS just hit the jackpot with this device. Many people may be interested in purchasing this type of gadget to get the best of both worlds at a lower cost. So far there’s no information about a release date, price and technical specifications.

ASUS unveiled the Padfone with great pride at Computex 2011 as can be seen in the video below.

Now lets wait for the response of competitors to see what similar products they bring into battle.

ASUS Padfone image gallery

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