Starhawk: You build the battlefield

Starhawk is the successor to the popular PS3 third person shooter, Warhawk. This new version has all the ingredients to be greater than the previous, only with its new build battle system will generate a huge addiction among gamers. After Starhawk we’ll see many other shooters copying this same dynamic for sure.

Santa Monica Studio and LightBox Interactive have implemented on Starhawk an original way to build the battlefield, and also a campaign mode for 1 player, thing that didn’t exist in Warhawk. I think this is one of those unmissable games to your PS3, with guaranteed hours of fun online and offline  .

Perhaps the build battle system will be something completely new, which will take a little to get used to. Because this time we will land one an open field in which each team must build their own bases, towers, defenses , etc. Surely, gameplay adaptation should take some minutes for shooter gamers, and maybe all of us will look like a fail if similar games does not have this feature in the future.

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