W1CD: What 1 Call Can Do

What 1 Can Do (W1CD) is a social media campaign that offer us the opportunity to remember that who we are and what we do matter, conceived by Rev. Sonia Echezuría. This first episode, What 1 Call Can Do, remind us to make that phone call, period. Sometimes, we feel it is important for us to make a phone call that we have been procrastinating for whatever reason and we simply don’t do it. We convince ourselves that there is something more important than celebrating a friend’s birthday, a child’s birth or call the authorities to report domestic violence or child abuse.

W1CD: What 1 Call Can Do

If it feels important to make that phone call, it is important! Let us make it! Let us trust our intuition and remember that we can make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others by making the call we may be procrastinating. Let us never underestimate What 1 Call Can Do!

If we choose to care for others and ourselves our personal decisions and actions could impact our lives in ways that we cannot even begin to imagine. That’s how some of the greatest names you can remember changed the world for the better and are still alive in our memories and hearts. Let us help each other remember that we are capable of doing what the great men and women of history have done: become a caring and beneficial presence in today’s world.

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