Google Music Beta is now online

Google has just launched its new Beta Music service, which allows users to store up to 20,000 songs for free and play them from any computer or Android device.

The launch of this new service coincides with the start of Google IO conference taking place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, May10th and 11th.

Introducing Google Music Beta

An important point is that the songs you’ve heard recently are stored on your device, and you also have the option of selecting the songs you want to have available locally. An ideal solution when your internet connection fails or when your are in an airplane.

The bad news is that Google Music Beta is currently only available in the United States

Users are beginning to suffer in this regard. This is heading the top comments on Google Music Beta launch video:

Google Voice in U.S only

Android Rentals is U.S. only

YouTube movies is U.S. only

Google eBook store is U.S. only

Google Music is U.S. only

Maybe the world should have only one country…


Hopefully the final version of Google Music will be international, it would be great because this music service probably will give a tough fight to Apple’s iTunes, who actually dominates the music service in the market, without mention the Amazon Cloud Player.

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